Sunday, August 20, 2017


Went for the Monster Jam Singapore 2017 with my nephew!
Its held at the National Stadium!
The MegaLodon

El Toro Loco
The Grave Digger!
So I'm actually still taller than the Monster Jam truck tyres. haha..
My nephew managed to collect all the signatures from the truck drivers of the trucks he wanted.
Namely the Grave Digger, El Toro Loco & Scooby Doo.
And this is Dalmatian!
Earth Shaker!

Here.. the show's gonna start at 7pm..
Its about a 2-hour show with a short interval in between.

Some bike stunts which were really cool and jaw-dropping!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!
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See it now before it ends within 24-hrs!

Friday, August 18, 2017



THE BATTLESHIP ISLAND stands as one of the most ambitious Korean films ever made, with a 6- month production schedule, massive outdoor set and action setpieces on a scale never before seen. Without question it ranks as Korea's standout summer blockbuster of 2017.

Director RYOO Seung-wan, fresh off the success of 2013's action extravaganza THE BERLIN FILE and the massive runaway hit VETERAN from 2015, cranked his ambition up to even higher levels in this latest work, which is set during World War II on the utterly unique real-life setting of Hashima, nicknamed "Battleship Island."

In particular, Ryoo takes Hashima's dark real-life history of conscripting forced Korean laborers and subjecting them to exceptionally harsh working conditions as the backdrop to a dramatic escape narrative. The island's history has come under renewed attention in recent years with UNESCO's recognition of Hashima and other industrial sites as officially registered World Heritage Sites.

In keeping with the film's massive scale and ambition is an all-star cast of some of the Korean film industry's most popular actors. In addition to box-office force HWANG Jung-min (VETERAN, ODE TO MY FATHER) is Hallyu star SO Ji-sub (ALWAYS, SOPHIE'S REVENGE), acclaimed singer-actress LEE Jung- hyun (SPLIT, ROARING CURRENTS) and the white-hot star SONG Joong-ki (A WEREWOLF BOY) whose 2016 TV drama DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN was nothing short of an international sensation.

All this results in a continually surprising, jaw-dropping film that has stirred up unprecedented levels of anticipation, and looks sure to become a defining work of RYOO Seung-wan's acclaimed directorial career.
Towards the end of World War II, a group of 400 forced laborers from Korea toil on the Japanese island of Hashima (a.k.a. "Battleship Island"), until one day they attempt a dramatic escape.
In 1944, with Korea under Japanese colonial rule and World War II reaching its peak, the bandmaster LEE Gang-ok earns a meager living in Seoul despite a ban on jazz music. However when he tries to travel with his young daughter and band members to the Japanese mainland, they are duped and forcibly taken to the small island of Hashima, located 15km off Nagasaki. There they become conscripted laborers in a massive undersea coal mine that supports the Japanese war effort.

Hashima (nicknamed "Battleship Island" for its resemblance to a war vessel) is a place of  unspeakable cruelty for 400 Koreans who suffer under slave-like conditions and almost no pay. These include CHOI Chil-sung, a notorious Seoul gangster; Mallyon who has been forced into sexual servitude as a so- called "comfort woman"; and a mysterious young man named PARK Mu-young. Gang-ok, meanwhile, manages to protect his daughter Sohee by serving as an interpreter and dealmaker between the Koreans and Japanese.

As the months pass and the U.S. steps up its bombardment of Japan, tensions reach a breaking point between the cruel Japanese overlords and the exhausted and desperate Koreans. Meanwhile PARK Mu-young, who turns out to be a U.S.-trained independence fighter on a covert mission, uncovers some dark secrets about how the island is really run. Just as chaos begins to break loose on Hashima, and the Japanese leaders consider drastic measures, Mu-young steps up with a daring and risky plan to evacuate all 400 Koreans from the island.

You wouldn't imagine what is the next half of this picture if there's a next part to the picture above.
Watch the movie and you will know what is it! Lol~!

This is the girl who starred in the Train to Busan.
Her acting is very good and she's versatile.


At The Battleship Island Gala Premiere (08.08.2017)
@ Marina Bay Sands, MasterCard Theatres!

Here with the Emcee and Fans awaiting the Korean Stars who would be walking down the red carpeted stairs at the theatre foyer.

Thanks CloverFilms for the tickets to this awesome movie Gala Premiere!

Both my partner and I enjoyed the show..

In-theatres - the casts would also make another appearance.
Here's the Emcees giving an introduction.

Here's Song Joong Ki giving his say about the show.

I personally feel that this show is very educational with regards to the history between the Koreans and Japanese. The movie is very engaging and the visual effects are very good. Its a movie not to be missed! Catch it in cinemas now!

Original Title | GUN-HAM-DO
Genre | War, Action
Country of Production | Republic of Korea
Language | Korean, Japanese
Director | RYOO Seung-wan
Cast | HWANG Jung-min, SO Ji-sub, SONG Joong-ki, LEE Jung-hyun, LEE Kyoung-young, Kim Suan
Presented & Distributed by | CJ Entertainment Production | FILMMAKERS R&K
In association with | Film K Production Year | 2017
Release Date | July 26, 2017
Running Time | 132 mins
Techinical info | 2.39:1 / Color / 5.1 ch

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Magnum's Larger Than Life Indulgence Installation at ION Orchard! | 28 July – 13 August 2017

Available for the first time in Asia, Magnum celebrates the arrival of the new Magnum pints with a Larger Than Life Indulgence installation at ION Orchard
SINGAPORE, 27 July 2017 – Magnum introduces its newest way to indulge in premium cracking Magnum chocolate pleasure with the launch of Magnum pints. Available for the first time in Asia and exclusively in Singapore, Magnum pints offers the luxurious Magnum cracking chocolate and ice cream bar experience in a new pint format.

Carefully made to be broken, the range includes three indulgent Magnum flavours: Classic, Almond and White. Each pint contains generous shards of Magnum chocolate with layers of velvety smooth vanilla ice cream, carefully enclosed within a luxuriously decadent cracking Magnum chocolate shell. Providing Pleasure Seekers with the perfect accompaniment for a luxurious night-in, Magnum pints provide a new way to enjoy your Magnum moment and offers a me-time treat, for pleasure whenever.

“We are thrilled to announce an exciting first for the brand and new way to indulge – the Magnum pint. With the launch in Singapore marking the range’s entry into Asia, I’m truly proud to be the first market in the region to be able to share this indulgent new format with Pleasure Seekers here. And what better way to launch this bold product than with this extraordinary installation at ION Orchard.” said Banjo Castillo, General Manager, Unilever Singapore.
Experience Larger Than Life Indulgence with Magnum pints

To celebrate the arrival of the new Magnum pints, Magnum proudly presents a Larger Than Life Indulgence installation at ION Orchard. For a limited time only, Pleasure Seekers will be treated to an extravagant array of Magnum’s ultimate indulgent moments frozen in time, carefully #MadeToBeBroken.

Magnum’s Larger Than Life Indulgence installation will be open to the public from 28 July – 13 August 2017 at ION Orchard Level 1 Outdoor Atrium, sharing an indulgent #MadeToBeBroken experience with Singapore’s Pleasure Seekers. Sampling of the Magnum pints will take place at two timings daily, 12pm and 6pm, while stocks last. 

Pleasure Seekers can indulge in..

Larger Than Life Magnum Pint
For the ultimate photo opportunity, strike a pose with the Larger Than Life Magnum Pint and golden spoon, the installation’s centrepiece. Modelled after the actual pint, the Larger Than Life Magnum pint shows how a spoonful of indulgence gives you larger than life pleasure.

Magnum Indulgence Room
Step into the Magnum Indulgence Room, enclosed within the Larger Than Life Magnum Pint, to enjoy a GIF photo experience which captures Pleasure Seekers frozen in time for the ultimate selfie. Interact with Magnum chocolate shards, golden spoons, picture frames and other sofa-moment themed props in a take-home video with yourself at the center of the action.

Magnum #MadeToBeBroken Bar

Pleasure Seekers can enjoy the #MadeToBeBroken Bar at select times of day, 12pm and 6pm, to sample and experience the newly unveiled Magnum pints. Guests will receive an indulgent scoop of ice cream from a Magnum pint of their choice, available while stocks last.

How to indulge in the new Magnum pints

Before enjoying Magnum pints, allow the chocolate layer to soften for about 5 to 10 minutes for optimum cracking. Then, without breaking the golden foil, squeeze the walls of the pint and savour the satisfying signature Magnum crack – some pleasure is simply worth the wait. Now it’s time to indulge, remove the foil and using a metal spoon break into the thick, cracked chocolate coating to commence your indulgent me-time moment.  

For optimum indulgence, follow the simple instructions found on the packaging of the pints. Simply “open, wait and “crack” to enjoy indulgent sofa moments at home – only with Magnum pints.

# # #

Here are the Fun Moments at the Larger Than Life Indulgence Party which I attended on the 27th July @ Ion Orchard L1 Outdoor Atrium!

Trying to crack the ice blocks and get a prize for myself..
and what I got was a complimentary MAKE MY MAGNUM experience voucher! :)

Here's the entire ice blocks where there are many Magnum tubs inside.. and each tub contains a prize.. there were 5 Top Prizes which are Shangri-La Hotel Stayca!

The Magnum #MadeToBeBroken Bar
where I had my dose of Magnum Pint too!

Dunch you think this will make everyone drools?


A walk thru' with smoky feel that's pretty suitable for some nice phototaking!

Discover the pleasure and join the celebrations at #MadeToBeBroken and @MagnumSG on the following social channels:  

Magnum pints are available at all major supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol marts and mini- marts in three tempting Magnum flavours: Classic, Almond and White. The recommended selling price for each pint is S$12.90 for 440ml of indulgence.